Visual Artist

West by Wester

Project Statements

West by Wester (2016) I had always dreamed of moving to the West to experience and live alongside its embedded stories and myths. In my current body of work, West by Wester, I am investigating my preconceived notions of the allure and illusion of the West. Similar to a tourist, I have been making pilgrimages to must­ see venues and locations, including the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam and others. These locations are photographed daily by visitors, seeking to capture the “spectacle” as framed through literature, photographs, and movies. This westward wandering has presented me with a more complicated and nuanced reality than I imagined.

*Archival Pigment Prints, 20″ by 13.33″, from this body of work are available for purchase in a limited edition of 3, plus 1 artist proof. Please contact for pricing sheets and availability.